Sample Meeting Script

This meeting script is provided to give you an idea about how a typical SAA check-in meeting is run, and to provide a substitute script if someone needs to chair a meeting but doesn’t have a script handy.  It is not considered definitive.  “Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or SAA as a whole” (Tradition Four).

Sample Meeting Script

Suggested Reading

Sex Addicts Anonymous (‘Green Book’)

This is our equivalent to the Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book”. It can be purchased from some bookstores and online booksellers, and may be available in some public libraries. The book can also be purchased from the ISO of SAA in multiple formats and languages.

Out Of The Shadows (by Patrick Carnes, PhD)

Many newcomers get their introduction to SAA in this book. It can be purchased from many bookstores and online booksellers, and should be available in most public libraries.

Recovery Literature

The ISO of SAA publishes all official SAA literature, which covers the key concepts of recovery in SAA. Their literature includes the Green Book (our primary text), as well as various topic-specific booklets and pamphlets.

Purchase: Literature is available for sale in physical as well as ebook formats at the SAA Store.

Read for free: You may also read SAA literature online for free.

Help For Partners, Family & Friends

The concepts of 12-step recovery apply not only to addicts, but also to those that have suffered from a sex addict’s behavior. Groups such as COSA and S-Anon offer recovery to those who have been affected by someone else’s sexual behavior. SAA is not affiliated with COSA, S-Anon, or any other fellowship.


SAA Women’s Intergroup

The SAA Women’s Intergroup was formed in 2018 by members of the Women’s Outreach Committee [WOC] (with others), who saw the need for an autonomous service organization focused on the needs of SAA women. We took over helping organize and fund retreats for women from the WOC. Our website, includes comprehensive help finding these resources in one location.